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31/03/14 9.07:35
Announcement of partnership between GEA Refrigeration Technologies and ITN Group


ITN GROUP, is a family company founded in 1992. with a goal to implement new technologies and techniques in food production and processing. The company is formed of following groups: ITN FoodTech (engineering in the food industry), ITN AgroTech (engineering in Agriculture), ITN Eko Povlen Kosjerić (factory for production of fruits, vegetables and herbs in Kosjerić).

With its references ITN GROUP is a regional leader in implementation of new technologies.

ITN FoodTech specializes in the development and implementation of projects of factories, warehouses, cold storage facilities and industrial production and processing of food, according to the "PRODUCT IN HANDS'" principle. Our engineers have knowledge, skills, software and equipment to develop and realize each of your ideas into a quality manufactured product designed for the global market.

Developed and applied technology and "know how" in agriculture and food industry today ITN GROUP successfully transferring in emerging markets.

ITN AgroTech offers complete engineering in agriculture, planning, design and implementation of new technologies and techniques in agricultural production. We specialize in the transfer of new technology, agricultural machinery, equipment and facilities, from processing of soil preparation and planting, crop protection, production of cereals, vegetables and fruit, preparation of hay and silage, harvesting of sugar beet and potatoes, to the irrigation systems. In our offer you can find machinery for handling and transport, packaging equipment and storage silos, dryers and floor storages, machinery for vineyards and orchards, forest and communal machinery, farm equipment and bio-gas plant and GPS systems for use in agriculture.

ITN Eko Povlen Kosjerić, factory for processing of fruits, vegetables and herbs, with 50 years tradition in manufacturing and trade. The factory had been applied all the latest technologies that are specialized ITN GROUP during its existence, from color sorting up to latest generation of packaging of the final product. This has enabled us in a very short time to become one of the leading exporters and producers of frozen fruit.

ITN GROUP's brand ALL FRESCO is present in all major supermarket chains.

ITN GROUP provides you a complete knowledge of your project, from concept to implementation, by the system ''PRODUCT IN HANDS''